Graphic Design:

I have been in the business of executing marketing strategies through effective design, the use of professional photography, and clear and concise copy. I take the time to listen to your needs and determine what is the best delivery system for your project and audience. That can include web opportunities, print advertising, web advertising, printed brochures, folders, flyers. In today's fast pace web environment, social media marketing offers another exciting venue for reaching your audience. I have both the experience and understanding of both the print and web marketing worlds.
For decades I have been blessed with inspiring colleagues and interesting clients through out my graphic design career. As all things in life, clients come and go but the richness of the experience remains.
I have designed award winning advertising, magazines, newsletters, logos, brochures, specialty collateral materials and websites.
Client list includes Children's Hospital Boston, Anna Jaques Hospital, Lowell General Hospital, Boyden International, Lindenmeyr Munroe, Wise Woman Herbals, Modern Continental Construction Company and Willey Brothers.


I am at home in nature, feeling the wind on my face and enjoying hours outside with the ever changing light and how it plays on the landscape. Newburyport has given me a multitude of beautiful places to explore and draw for over 20 years.
All the artwork shown on this website is available in giclee archival prints. For more information on this email me at
Weekly I explore Mediation/Art with artist Cameron Sesto. This method of personal exploration pulls meditation and drawing into one practice.
Fellow Artists:


I do not know these people and yet their soul have been revealed to me through their eyes.
These past souls, lost within flea markets, auctions or yard sales, are the medium I have chosen to express my love of time and people. The years that separate the present from the past do not matter, the human quality of each person is ageless and everlasting.
If you view this gallery allowing each revisited soul to touch your heart, you may see the immortality of our human spirit and soul.
Photography by Julia Russell and Jay Goldsmith


I started yoga at 49 years old. My friend Lindley wanted a buddy to take an Introduction to Yoga class at the Yoga Center. I refused. She insisted. Reluctantly, I decided to go. That decision changed my life. She hated it and dropped out. I loved it, attending many weekly classes and my love affair with yoga.
Two 200-hour yoga teacher trainings later, I am teaching Anusara yoga at the Yoga Center. Everyday I am enriched by the teachings, discipline and health that comes from incorporating yoga into my life. In addition to the teacher trainings I have attended many yoga therapy workshops taught by Martin Kirk, Doug Keller, Todd Norian and Jenny Otto. My classes always incorporate yoga therapy for health and a better understanding of the body.
Yoga is my physical, spiritual and emotional pathway to health, inner peace and happiness.
Photography by Sarah Manes

"Communication works for those who work at it."
– John Powell

For original artwork, prints, yoga, Yoga Hope cancer sessions, yoga therapy, energy sessions or design consultation contact Rose.